Monday, April 6, 2009

Summary - Multi-Form Project

The Multi-Form Project in Visual Basic was very fun to complete. I got to showcase my previous work in a unique and original way. The theme I chose to base my project around was The World of Horses. Each program that I decided to put in the project I added a horse twist to it. To design each form I added the appropriate colors and pictures to make the project appeal to the viewers. One hidden feature or “Easter Egg” is secretly placed in the program and only with a certain code will the image appear. My Easter egg is a funny horse face with the caption “HAHA” which can only be accessed by pressing, Ctrl H. the Easter Egg was a fun component to add to the program and it shows the different coding VB has to offer for a hidden form. There was no coding giving to us we had to us previous knowledge to learn how to properly code the program, only a few hints were given wit the new Easter Egg material. Overall this Multi-Form Project was different than any other program we did in VB. It was interesting to learn new coding and how to put a Easter Egg in our projects. This multi-form project was the best way to display all of my previous work done in VB.