Monday, April 6, 2009

Summary - Multi-Form Project

The Multi-Form Project in Visual Basic was very fun to complete. I got to showcase my previous work in a unique and original way. The theme I chose to base my project around was The World of Horses. Each program that I decided to put in the project I added a horse twist to it. To design each form I added the appropriate colors and pictures to make the project appeal to the viewers. One hidden feature or “Easter Egg” is secretly placed in the program and only with a certain code will the image appear. My Easter egg is a funny horse face with the caption “HAHA” which can only be accessed by pressing, Ctrl H. the Easter Egg was a fun component to add to the program and it shows the different coding VB has to offer for a hidden form. There was no coding giving to us we had to us previous knowledge to learn how to properly code the program, only a few hints were given wit the new Easter Egg material. Overall this Multi-Form Project was different than any other program we did in VB. It was interesting to learn new coding and how to put a Easter Egg in our projects. This multi-form project was the best way to display all of my previous work done in VB.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today in ICT we learnt how networking works between different computers and a server. We made a small diagram showing the way the Internet travels throughout workstations and routers. It was interesting to see how things in a computer are named and what their main functions are.

Monday, March 9, 2009


This service, Muziic, has only existed for a few days. It uses technology that plugs into YouTube and retrieves music and music videos that can be assembled into streamed playlists. This program makes it convenient for music lovers, because it creates its very own playlist and keeps it organized without always having to click for a new song. Hopefully this program will become successful and up and running for everyone to try out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Visual Basic C++ Program

In my ICT 12 class, we were asked to download a program called Visual Basic C++ on out home computer. We have been working with a lot of programs this past year ad this is one too add. We started with the "Hello World" program just to get a look on how the programs coding and run view looks like. Here's a link to download C++ program, and any other Visual studio programs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My ICT teacher has introduced to us a website that tell us the speed of our computers by simply hitting a button. The website can produce your computers download and upload speeds. For my computers test, the download speed 1793kbps (kilobits per second) and the upload speed was 466kbps. To try out Speakeasy go to, find out your computers speed!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My favorite Smartphone is the Blackberry Curve. Because I have my very own Blackberry curve I know all of its features. I enjoy using my Blackberry because it is very easy to figure out all of the buttons and mechanics. The Blackberry curve has many features, some in which I don't use. I often use SMS, MMS and Email on my phone. When I want to download music I plug my blackberry into a USB cord. the Blackberry Curve is he best Smartphone around!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Digital Camera

My ICT teacher, Mr. Vogel has a detailed list on many digital cameras. Cameras are listed alphabetically within their image sensor resolution class. If someone needs a new camera ranging from $100 - $8000 this is the perfect page to visit to get a good look at what you want to buy. Visit